The Story of Us

The Mercy House is a church located in Anderson, Indiana. We were planted in the fall of 2004 as a daughter community of Muncie Alliance Church, and were originally affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. In 2012, we decided to no longer be associated with a denomination.

Together, we’ve done a lot of growing, changing, and questioning about who we are as a church community. Throughout the process, we have come to recognize that we are a community of Jesus-followers who believe in the reconciliation of all things — that humanity is meant to have peace and intimacy with God, within our self, with the earth and with each other.

For this reason, everything we plan, organize and participate in revolves around this idea of reconciliation: acts of unity, social justice, and community. We hope to continue to be a place of reconciliation for Anderson, challenging the church to take Jesus seriously and offering grace, mercy and love to the world around us.