John 7 – The Savior of Our Dreams or The Savior in Front of Us

IDEA: The well intentioned folks of John 7 remind us that our ideas, beliefs, or knowledge of what a savior will or will not do, how a savior will look, or even where a savior is from may very well keep us from seeing the savior right in front of us.

SPEAKER: Carl Schnaufer

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  • People only can do what they know and see, so we have to continually look to God to grow, and He led me to write The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context to help pelpoe clearly see what they must know to lead effectively. My MRC system is based upon three leadership paradigms revealed in the book of Judges. Three-dimensional leaders achieve their missions by getting a team to coordinate a focused consensus that achieves peace in their lands (congregations, government programs, businesses, not-for-profit agencies). This peace (well-working relationships focused on a common mission) is what drives prosperity (the success of programs and initiatives that meets the needs of pelpoe, congregations and communities). Two-dimensional leaders fail to understand the context of to how to rally pelpoe-resources to the mission to achieve peace and a prosperous that changes the outcomes. This is the equivalent of how at times Israel was a nation, but was harassed by the enemy, so the nation could not be fully functional. One-dimensional leadership is all about “me” not the mission. These self-centered leaders ignore essential elements within their contexts or inappropriately impose their backgrounds, special interests, and pet-peeves upon the process, and thus frustrate followers. Three-dimensional leaders are SEM masters, meaning they submit ego to the mission (cause of Christ). Great leaders serve to organize, resource and equip, and empower others so they can serve and succeed at their jobs and ministries. An MRC focus assists senior executives to plot corporate strategy, division managers and department heads to organize the processes that achieve it, and supervisors to inspire employees to implement it with a dynamic team spirit and an amazing customer service focus! These principles propel organizations to achieve more effective collaboration and coordination from the boardroom to the mailroom.”


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